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Department of Energy and Water Supply

Your water bill explained

Your water and sewerage bill is made up of a number of charges. These can include:

  • Access charge

    An access charge is applied to properties that have access to a water supply and/or sewerage network.

    The access charge is a set charge that contributes to the fixed costs of providing water to your home. That is, the water service provider uses the money collected through this charge to pay for the cost of building, maintaining and replacing the pipes, pumps and other infrastructure that it uses to deliver their services to you.

  • Consumption charge

    A water consumption (usage) charge is a variable charge based on the actual amount of water that you have used from your water service provider.  This is measured by a water meter which is generally placed at the boundary of your property.

  • Water allocation charge

    A water allocation charge is used when you pay a set fee for a defined amount of water. If you exceed your allocated amount of water you may be required to pay additional charges for each kilolitre of water that you use.

  • Vacant land charge

    Water service providers are required to make sure all premises in their service area have access to water and sewerage services. This also includes vacant land.

    Service providers can recover reasonable costs for providing this access from landholders through the collection of access charges.

South East Queensland

In South East Queensland (SEQ), household water and sewerage bills are made up of two parts:

  • retail and distribution charges for water and sewerage services
  • Seqwater's wholesale bulk water charges.

Council water business charges

Retail and distribution prices are set by the relevant councils' water businesses, rather than the Queensland Government. 

The council water business prices are to recover costs associated with distribution of water, billing systems and sewerage treatment. For more information, contact your local council water business.

State Government bulk water charge

The Queensland Government sets the bulk water price for the 11 SEQ council areas (Seqwater is the bulk water supplier for SEQ). 

Find out more

Contact your water service provider if you would like more information on how your water bill is calculated.

Last updated:
13 September 2016
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