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Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

Managing water demand

Managing water demand is about using less and making better use of what we have.

Population growth, climate variability and droughts all impact on the reliability of water supplies. In this environment the demand for efficiently managed water supplies is even more important.

You can reduce your water demand in your business.

Councils and water service providers may also develop system leakage, water efficiency and drought management plans. These plans help guide actions to reduce the impacts of and prepare for drought or low water availability.

Water efficiency management plans are an excellent tool which service providers can use to help businesses identify and monitor ways of reducing water use. Read the Guidelines for preparing a water efficiency management plan (PDF, 282.1KB).

Seqwater has developed Water for life: South East Queensland's water security program, a plan to provide drinking water to South East Queensland over the next 30 years. This plan includes demand management measures for the region.

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Last updated:
6 December 2017
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