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Queensland bulk water opportunities statement

The Queensland bulk water opportunities statement (PDF, 2.8MB) (QBWOS) is the future strategy for bulk water security in Queensland. The aim is to get the right balance between better using the bulk water infrastructure we already have and committing to new projects for the future.

The statement:

  • provides objectives for bulk water supply infrastructure when considering the broader competition for public funds
  • describes where water allocations may be available from our existing infrastructure
  • explains how we will make decisions about investment when considering new infrastructure (including where and when it is needed).

Objectives and principles

The objectives for bulk water supply are:

  • safety and reliability of dams and urban water supplies
  • more efficient use of existing water resources
  • support for infrastructure development that provides a commercial return to bulk water providers
  • consideration of projects that will provide regional economic benefits.

To support the objectives, principles have been developed to guide decision making if government investment in infrastructure is being considered.

Statement content

In addition to the objectives and principles, the statement:

  • provides details of existing bulk water infrastructure in Queensland
  • provides details of water infrastructure projects that are currently, or have recently been, the subject of feasibility or environmental assessments
  • outlines water availability from existing infrastructure
  • clarifies the roles and responsibilities of government agencies, bulk water entities and water service providers in the provision of bulk water across the state
  • describes policy initiatives and opportunities under development, to support achievement of the objectives.

Mapping resources

A key focus of the statement is the reduction of barriers to using available water within existing bulk water supply infrastructure. Mapping resources, including the story map and Queensland Globe, provide supporting information.

QBWOS story map

The QBWOS story map provides:

  • a visual (i.e. spatial and graphical) representation of existing bulk water supply infrastructure across Queensland
  • details of water entitlements and availability
  • climate related data
  • details of bulk water infrastructure projects currently and recently under investigation.

Access the QBWOS story map

Queensland Globe

The bulk water infrastructure layer in Queensland Globe will provide a detailed graphical display of key information for Queensland bulk water supply infrastructure integrated with other Queensland Globe layers. This resource is expected to be available in 2018.

Future stages

The statement will be reviewed and updated annually to incorporate new information and the results of stakeholder and community feedback.

The review process provides an opportunity to be responsive to changing community and industry priorities, as well as providing information to the community about the progress of proposed initiatives and investments under consideration.

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Last updated:
15 March 2018
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