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Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

What is a water service

Under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, a water service includes:

  • water harvesting or collection (e.g. dams, weirs, bores and direct extraction from watercourses)
  • the transmission of water
  • the reticulation of water
  • drainage infrastructure other than for stormwater drainage
  • water treatment and recycling.

Water services providers

In Queensland, water service providers include:

  • drinking water service providers (primarily local governments)
  • recycled water providers (who are not required to register as a service provider unless they also provide another water or sewerage service)
  • bulk water service providers and water authorities.

Bulk water providers, such as Seqwater and SunWater, generally provide water to local councils as the source of their drinking water supplies. 

Water authorities are divided into Category 1 and Category 2. Category 1 water authorities, Gladstone Area Water Board and Mount Isa Water Board also provide water to local councils for drinking water. Category 1 water authorities operate on a much larger scale than Category 2 water authorities. Both categories are overseen by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

Sewerage services

A sewerage service includes:

  • the collection of sewage
  • the transmission of sewage
  • the treatment of sewage
  • the disposal of sewage or treated effluent.

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24 January 2018
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