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Recycled water

This information applies to the regulation of recycled water.

Recycled water can be produced and supplied for a number of uses including irrigation of parks, sporting fields and crops and supplying dual reticulation systems.

The use of recycled water to augment drinking water supplies via a source (e.g. supply into a dam) is allowable. However direct augmentation of a drinking supply (known as direct potable re-use) is not permissible in Queensland. Direct augmentation is supply from the treatment plant into the drinking water system (i.e. the water pipes).

Recycled water that is sourced from the following is regulated under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, including:

  • sewage or effluent from a service provider's infrastructure
  • wastewater from industrial, commercial or manufacturing activities, or animal husbandry activities, where it's transferred to another unrelated entity.

Registration of recycled water schemes

All recycled water schemes need to be registered with us.

New recycled water schemes are required to complete their registration as follows.

  • For schemes that require an approved plan: before commencing supply of recycled water under the scheme.
  • For schemes that do not require an approved plan: 3 months after first commencing to supply recycled water under the scheme.

We will register a recycled water scheme if the application complies with the application requirements, including:

We may require the recycled water provider to provide additional information about the application, which may require verification by statutory declaration.

We will keep a register of recycled water schemes, providing information to other regulatory agencies and the public about where water recycling activities are occurring.

List of registered recycled water schemes

Download a list of registered recycled water schemes (XLSX, 41.3KB).

Last updated:
30 January 2018
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