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Department of Energy and Water Supply

Service provider obligations

An entity that supplies water and/or sewerage services must apply for registration, including

  • local governments
  • water authorities
  • entities that own infrastructure and charge for their services
  • entities prescribed in the regulation.

The entity must own the infrastructure at the time of application. An entity cannot be registered on the basis of planning documents or approvals for supplying services.

How to register

To register as a service provider or to change your details, you must apply using the service provider registration application form (PDF, 128.4KB). Download a list of registered service providers.


An entity that meets these criteria may be exempt from registration providing the infrastructure is used solely for:

  • mining purposes
  • an owner, the owners guests or employees, e.g. a resort
  • a body corporate community titles scheme under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997.

Entities that own infrastructure for recycling water and do not also own infrastructure for a water or sewerage are also not required to register.

Last updated:
13 September 2016
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