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National Water Infrastructure Development Fund

The National Water Infrastructure Development Fund is an initiative of the Australian Government to accelerate the assessment of water infrastructure options which could stimulate regional economic activity.

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ expressions of interest process for Part 1 funding, to undertake feasibility and other preliminary investigations, closed on 1 March 2016. The Queensland Government facilitated a total of 26 applications by proponents for Part 1 funding covering a wide range of projects across the state.

Part 1 funding - successful applications

On 26 May 2016, the Australian Government announced that 14 Queensland applications are being offered a total of $19.8 million of funding under Part 1 of the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.

This is in addition to the announcement in 2015 of $5 million for a feasibility study of the proposed Nullinga Dam near Mareeba.

The Queensland Government is now working with the Australian Government and the successful proponents to enable proponents to progress their assessments.

Read more about the other feasibility studies from across Australia.

Nullinga Dam Feasibility Study

A preliminary business case for Nullinga Dam is now complete and has been released by Building Queensland.

Since the completion of the preliminary business case, a major potential customer has indicated their future large-scale demand for agricultural water from Nullinga Dam. With this new information, and in line with the triggers identified in the preliminary business case, the Queensland Government will proceed with a detailed business case for the dam.

The detailed business case will also explore improvements to the Mareeba Dimbulah Water Supply Scheme that, together with Nullinga Dam, have the potential to support the expansion of irrigated agriculture at a regional scale. This does not include an environmental impact assessment, which would need to be undertaken at a future stage if the project were to proceed further.

Lower Fitzroy River Infrastructure Project

A detailed business case for a new Rookwood Weir has been developed by Building Queensland.

Part 2 funding

On 27 October 2016, the Australian Government opened the expression of interest process for Part 2 (the capital component) of the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund. Further information can be found on

The Queensland Government has facilitated 7 applications for water infrastructure projects across the state. These projects are designed to foster regional economic growth by supporting an expansion of irrigated agriculture.

A decision on these projects by the Australian Government is expected in February 2018.

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22 February 2018
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