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Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

Dams in Queensland

Queensland has a multitude of water dams that fulfill many important purposes. Some of these roles include:

  • supplying water to towns and communities
  • water for industry and agriculture
  • water for hydropower
  • water storages to provide a degree of flood mitigation to downstream communities
  • water storages for recreational facilities.

Our overall role in managing the safety of dams includes the following:

Dam levels and recreation facilities

Seqwater and SunWater own and operate 26 and 23 large dams respectively, which is almost half of Queensland's referable dams. Visit their websites for further information on or water storage levels and recreational facilities at their dams.


In an emergency, please call 000 if there is an imminent threat to life.

Otherwise, if there are concerns over the safety of a water dam call our incident line on 1300 596 709.

Dam owners are responsible for the safety of their dams. Referable dam owners are required to have approved emergency action plans in place for their dams.

Flood information

  • In Queensland, local authorities are primarily responsible for the management of flood emergencies and you should check with them as to what information is available in your community.
  • View our FloodCheck maps. These maps are an interactive guide to flood lines, imagery, and data and the extent of floodplains in Queensland.
  • Information on the extent of flooding associated with the failure of referable water dams is available.

The Bureau of Meteorology also provides a flood warning service.

Other dams

Hazardous waste dams or other dams that are regulated under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 are managed by the Department of Environment and Science.

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12 February 2018
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