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Urban drainage manual

The department has undertaken a review of the Queensland Urban Drainage Manual (QUDM) as required by Recommendation 10.8 of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry Final Report.  As a result, a provisional 2013 edition of the manual has now been released.

Feedback on this edition is encouraged, and should be provided to the department via the email address below. The department plans to publish a final 2013 version incorporating relevant feedback.

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Qld (IPWEAQ) is organising structured opportunities for feedback until 15 September. To download a response template, register for a working group, attend a training session or seek further information on the IPWEAQ consultation process, visit their website.

QUDM was originally published in 1992 through a joint venture between the Queensland Division of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia, the Brisbane City Council and the department. QUDM is intended to assist engineers and stormwater designers in the planning and design of urban drainage systems within Queensland. The manual is an engineering guideline which needs to be applied appropriately to local conditions.

The aim of the manual is to provide details of technical and regulatory aspects to consider during the planning, design and management of urban stormwater drainage systems, and to provide details of appropriate design methods and computational procedures. Both hydrologic and hydraulic procedures are covered as well as environmental and legal aspects.

The manual is designed to be used in partnership with other design manuals on topics such as floodplain management, total water cycle management, water sensitive urban design, and natural channel design.

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