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South East Queensland water strategy

The South East Queensland Water Strategy (PDF, 5.9MB) was released on 15 July 2010. The strategy was developed by the former Queensland Water Commission and is a long-term blueprint for ensuring a sustainable, efficient and secure water supply for South East Queensland (SEQ) into the future.

An annual report (PDF, 990.7KB) was prepared in 2013 to assess the strategy's implementation and to review the current planning assumptions. A subsequent annual report has not been prepared as the strategy is in the process of being replaced by a water security program for SEQ. However a water security outlook is provided in Seqwater's Water outlook for South East Queensland.

Water security program for SEQ

Seqwater is currently developing a new water security program for SEQ, which will replace the strategy. It is expected that this program will be developed by mid-2015. The water security program will outline the arrangements and measures in place to facilitate the desired level of service objectives for SEQ. It will include information about operating the bulk water supply system, potential future bulk water infrastructure needs and drought response.

Seqwater will be responsible for reporting against the program on an annual basis.

Desired level of service objectives

In SEQ the state government has established desired level of service (LOS) objectives which sets the long- term requirements for Seqwater to undertake their water supply planning.

LOS objectives specify the level of performance SEQ residents can expect from their bulk water supply system. The LOS approach aims to ensure:

  • water supplies are adequate in the long term for SEQ
  • customers are aware of what water restrictions may be imposed during droughts
  • the community's basic water needs can be met under foreseeable circumstances, including during drought periods.

A review of the LOS objectives in SEQ was completed in 2014 and the objectives are now outlined in the Water Regulation 2002.

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Last updated
24 February 2015