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Suspensions and cancellations of an RWMP

Under the provisions of the Act, we can cancel or suspend an approved recycled water management plan (RWMP) if the recycled water provider has not complied with the plan, a condition of the plan, or a compliance notice.

The regulator must issue a show cause notice about the proposed action to the recycled water provider. If the regulator decides to suspend or cancel the approved RWMP, the regulator will issue an information notice advising the recycled water provider of the suspension or cancellation of the RWMP. This action will take effect on the day the notice is given.

If an approved RWMP has been cancelled, the recycled water provider must submit a new RWMP for approval before recommencing supply.

If an approved RWMP has been suspended,the recycled water provider may apply for an approval to resume supply of recycled water.

Should you wish to temporarily cease the production or supply of recycled water (other than permanently) and have your approved RWMP suspended, the regulator may suspend an RWMP if the regulator has received a notice of temporary stoppage WSR011 (PDF, 1.0MB).

The regulator may cancel an RWMP if the recycled water provider has permanently stopped supplying recycled water under the scheme.

Last updated
27 August 2014