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Critical recycled water schemes

Under the Act, we can declare a recycled water scheme 'critical' to ensure that it continues providing recycled water.

A critical recycled water scheme is declared to:

  • ensure it continues to operate and meet the essential water supply needs of the community or industry
  • ensure that any risks to public health posed by the supply of recycled water are managed appropriately.

Providers of a critical scheme, or other entities (e.g. the owner of the pipes in a dual reticulation scheme) may be subject to additional requirements.

For example, a provider must give extended notice before permanently stopping supply from a critical recycled water scheme. We can authorise alternative arrangements to ensure the continued operation of the scheme, and use additional dispute resolution powers if required.

Schemes that must be declared critical

The regulator must declare a recycled water scheme critical if the scheme is supplying or proposing to supply recycled water:

  • to augment a supply of drinking water
  • to provide at least 500 kilolitres of recycled water a day for dual reticulation
  • to provide at least 5 megalitres of recycled water a day for use in electricity generation.

This does not prevent us from declaring any other recycled water scheme critical if necessary to meet the essential water supply needs of a community or industry.

Last updated
27 August 2014