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Recycled water

In the interest of public health, we regulate the production and supply of certain types of recycled water. This includes recycled water from the following sources:

  • sewage or effluent from a service provider’s infrastructure 
  • wastewater from industrial, commercial or manufacturing activities, or animal husbandry activities, where it’s transferred to another unrelated entity.

Recycled water providers are responsible for the overall management and quality of water they produce. In doing so, they must comply with the specific provisions of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (the Act). Those relevant sections are administered by the Queensland Water Supply Regulator.

A recycled water provider is:
  • an entity that owns infrastructure for the production and supply of recycled water, or
  • another entity, if prescribed under a regulation, that owns infrastructure for the supply only of recycled water.

Regulatory reform

In May 2014, the Act was amended to simplify the regulation of recycled water and reduce the regulatory burden on recycled water providers, supplying recycled water to schemes with lower exposure uses. Only recycled water providers supplying recycled water to higher exposure uses are required to have an approved recycled water management plan (RWMP).

Registration of recycled water scheme

All recycled water providers must register their recycled water schemes with the regulator by the following dates:

  • schemes in existence prior to the reforms - 13 May 2014
  • schemes that commence supply after 13 May 2014 and require an approved plan - before commencing supply of recycled water under the scheme
  • schemes that commence supply after 13 May 2014 but do not require an approved plan - three months after first commencing to supply recycled water under the scheme.

The regulator will register a recycled water scheme if the application complies with the application requirements, including:

  • submission of a completed registration application form to the regulator
  • sufficient supporting information to enable the regulator to register the scheme.

The regulator may require the recycled water provider to provide additional information about the application, which may require verification by statutory declaration.

The regulator will keep a register of recycled water schemes, providing information to regulators and the public about where water recycling activities are occurring.

Changing the details of the registration

You may change your registration details using appropriate part of the Recycled water scheme registration application form (PDF, 153.3KB).

Last updated
27 August 2014