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North Pine Dam Optimisation Study

The North Pine Dam Optimisation Study (NPDOS) final report (PDF, 5.6MB) presents a range options for the management of the North Pine Dam during the event of a flood.

This study was completed in response to recommendations of the  Queensland Flood Commission of Inquiry's final report.

After seeking community feedback on the options in the NPDOS report, the Queensland Government has selected the option known as 'Option 3 -90% FSV' as its policy for the optimised operational strategy for the dam during floods.

The selected option is a semi-permanent (for a maximum of 20 years) lowering of the full supply volume of North Pine Dam to 90 per cent. This option also includes lowering the flood release triggers to improve the use of the temporary flood storage.

Details of the community consultation can be found in the consultation report (PDF, 394.0KB).

The optimised operational strategy will be incorporated into the Manual of Operational Procedures for Flood Mitigation at North Pine Dam.

Discussion paper

The discussion paper (PDF, 552.2KB) is a guide to understanding the NPDOS Report. This paper was utilised in a comprehensive three month consultation period, which occurred from April to June 2014. The discussion paper  provides an overview of what the study involved in addition to the preferred option.

About the North Pine Dam

North Pine Dam (Lake Samsonvale) is located on the North Pine River, north-west of Brisbane. Owned and operated by Seqwater, the North Pine dam is one of the 12 key water supply storages for South East Queensland.

The dam has a full supply capacity of approximately 214,302 megalitres, supplying urban water (including drinking water) to the Moreton Bay region and Brisbane's northern suburbs.

About the catchment

The dam has a catchment area of approximately 345 km2, receiving approximately 1,200 mm of rainfall annually, mostly occurring during the summer months.

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26 November 2014