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Drinking water

To protect public health, we closely regulate drinking water in Queensland.

The Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 applies to all drinking water service providers. In general this includes all councils or businesses involved in treating, transmitting or reticulating water for drinking purposes.

Each provider is required to have a Drinking water quality management plan (DWQMP) in place, and comply with the details of the plan.

As the Queensland Water Supply Regulator, we cooperate with providers to ensure their plans meet the requirements of the Act. More than 25 providers already operate under such plans.

This guide outlines the obligations of drinking water providers in Queensland.

Please note: we do not manage drinking water supplies. If you have a problem with the quality of your drinking water, please contact your provider. Your drinking water provider is responsible for providing a safe and reliable water supply, and to rectify any problems that may occur. The regulator does not have operational control of individual provider's systems, and does not intervene on behalf of a customer.

Last updated
20 January 2014