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Proposed Coopers Gap Wind Farm

Under the Electricity Act 1994 (PDF, 1.3MB), the Regulator (i.e. the Director-General of the Department of Energy and Water Supply) issues authorities (licences) for generation, transmission and distribution activities in Queensland’s electricity industry.

When an applicant applies for a generation authority to connect generating plant with capacity greater than 30 megawatts (MW) to a transmission grid or supply network, the Regulator must invite interested persons to make submissions about the application.

What is proposed

The proposed Coopers Gap Wind Farm is a 460MW power station to be located in the Bilboa and Cooranga North region, approximately 50km south-west of Kingaroy and 65km north of Dalby. The Regulator is seeking feedback from interested persons with regards to issuing AGL Hydro Partnership (the operator of the proposed generator) a generation authority for the Coopers Gap Wind Farm.

Further details are available in the Application for electricity generation authority: AGL Hydro Partnership for the Coopers Gap Wind Farm information paper (PDF, 385.9KB).

Have your say

Written submissions about the proposed Coopers Gap Wind Farm are welcome. Please send your submissions to:


Mail: Attn: Andrea Wold
Regulation, Governance and Analytics
Department of Energy and Water Supply
PO Box 15456

Submissions close at 5pm on Monday, 1 May 2017.

Last updated:
13 April 2017
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