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Fuel price board regulatory reform in Queensland

To prevent confusion at petrol bowsers, the Queensland Government is proposing a ban on displaying conditionally discounted prices on fuel price boards—that is, those prices that are only available to motorists who have a discount voucher, make an in-store purchase or similar.  

We are concerned that motorists may be confused about the price of fuel displayed on complex fuel price boards, given their limited opportunity to compare the displayed information with the price available at the bowser.  

The ban would take effect through reforms to fair trading legislation.

What is proposed

Under the proposed model, all fuel retailers must show only the full price of fuel available to all motorists, instead of displaying potentially misleading or confusing prices.

The regulation would also require fuel retailers to coordinate price changes on fuel price boards and fuel pumps, so when prices do change, motorists don’t pay more than displayed on the fuel price board.

Fuel retailers will still be able to offer and promote discount fuel price schemes, as long as only the full undiscounted price is displayed on the fuel price board.

The proposed start date for the change is 1 January 2018.

The proposed regulation

The proposed regulation (the Fair Trading (Fuel Price Board) Regulation 2017) will apply in addition to existing requirements under the Australian Consumer Law. The regulation’s based on existing laws in South Australia and Victoria.

The main elements of the proposed regulation:

  • Clause 3, which bans the display of discount fuel prices on fuel price boards    
  • Clauses 4 and 5, which require coordination of price changes displayed on fuel price boards and bowsers when fuel prices change.    

A breach of clauses 3, 4 or 5 would be subject to a maximum fine of $2,438 (20 penalty units) for individuals and $12,190 (100 penalty units) for a corporation.


Consultation closed on Monday, 29 May 2017 and we are now considering submissions.

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Last updated:
2 June 2017
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