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Choosing or changing gas retailers

Queensland householders and small businesses (other than those located in Roma and Dalby) may be able to choose their natural gas retailer.

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) monitors the activities of retailers in Queensland's electricity and gas markets.

Gas retailers

Retailers buy gas and sell it to individual customers. Your retailer will bill you directly for the gas you use. The amount you pay includes the cost of transporting the gas along your distributor's gas pipelines to your property.

Please contact your retailer if you have questions about any of the following:

  • your contract, bill or the prices you pay
  • payment options
  • disconnection or reconnection.

Only companies licensed by the Queensland Government may sell you gas.

Retailers will decide which areas they target for new customers, so depending on where you live, gas retailers may offer you a lower price, improved retail services or other benefits to win your business.

Licensed gas retailers

View a list of all licensed gas retailers.

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Last updated:
13 September 2016
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