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Department of Energy and Water Supply

Market feed-in tariffs in SEQ

Electricity retailers in South East Queensland (SEQ) voluntarily offer competitive feed-in tariff rates for new solar customers. Different retailers offer different feed-in tariff rates.

The Queensland Competition Authority are monitoring feed-in tariff offers in SEQ as part of its broader price monitoring role. Read the 2016-17 monitoring report.

Exporting to the grid

To export electricity you must meet the technical requirements set by the electricity distributor (Energex) for connection of your solar system to the grid.

To be eligible for the FiT you must have a network connection agreement in place with Energex. You'll also need to hold an electricity account with an electricity retailer that offers a feed-in tariff for the premises where the solar PV system is installed.

How to get a better deal

Getting a better feed-in tariff is similar to getting a better deal from your electricity retailer you just have to know what to look for, and where to look for it.

  1. Check your electricity bill for your current feed-in tariff , and what rates you're paying for grid-supplied power.
  2. Go to the Australian Energy Regulator's Energy Made Easy website.
  3. See what offers are available for customers with solar power. Consider these carefully to see which is best for you. Sometimes the best deal isn't the one with the highest discount or the highest feed-in tariff, but the best mix of the two.
  1. Contact the retailer that offers the best deal for you.

If something goes wrong

It's important to be prepared: you should know what your rights are and who to call for help. If there's a problem, check our dispute resolution page.

Last updated:
23 October 2017
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