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Department of Energy and Water Supply

Information for Urth Energy electricity customers

On Thursday, 2 February 2017, Urth Energy Pty Ltd’s authorisation to trade in the National Electricity Market was revoked, following its entry into administration. This means Urth Energy can no longer supply customers with electricity.

The National Energy Retail Law protects customers of failed energy retailers. If you are a customer of Urth Energy, you will not be disconnected. Your electricity will continue to be supplied by another retailer without you having to do anything; this is the Retailer of Last Resort scheme. The Australian Energy Regulator is responsible for administering this.

For further information please visit the Australian Energy Regulator's (AER) website or call the AER Hotline on 1300 055 390.

Solar feed-in tariff

For customers who are currently receiving 44 centSolar Bonus Scheme feed-in tariff (noting you may also being receiving an amount in addition to this from your retailer), you will continue to receive the tariff provided ongoing eligibility requirements are met.

Last updated:
2 February 2017
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