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Department of Energy and Water Supply

Calculating electricity on-supply charges

Various State legislation specifies what you can charge your residential customers, for example:

  • the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 applies to owners/managers of Residential Parks who on-supply electricity to manufactured home owners – contact the Residential Services Unit of the Department of Housing and Public Works for more information;
  • The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 applies to tenancy agreements for caravans, caravan sites, houseboats and rented manufactured homes – contact the Residential Tenancies Authority Queensland for more information; and
  • The Body Corporate and Community Management Regulation 2008 applies to Bodies Corporate who on-supply electricity to home owners – contact the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management for more information.
  • For more information on your obligations as an on-seller of energy, refer to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) website.
Last updated:
29 September 2016
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