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Queensland biofuel mandate

A biofuel mandate is a step towards growing our biofuel and bio-manufacturing industries. It will provide certainty so the industry can invest, innovate and create jobs as part of a cleaner, greener future for Queensland.  A flourishing biofuels industry will also create the foundation for a new high-value bio-manufacturing industry.

The Liquid Fuel Supply (Ethanol and Other Biofuels Mandate) Amendment Act 2015 was passed on 1 December 2015. It requires the fuel industry to meet targets for the sale of biobased petrol, such as E10 which is an ethanol-blended petrol, and biobased diesel.

The mandate sets minimum requirements for the sale of ethanol-blended regular unleaded petrol and biobased diesel. The biobased petrol mandate will apply separately to the bio-based diesel mandate. The government's intention is that both will start on 1 January 2017.

Queensland motorists will still be able to choose the fuel that they wish to use in their engine. 

Requirements for Queensland fuel sellers

Biobased petrol (ethanol)

The biobased petrol mandate requires that 3% of the total volume of regular unleaded petrol sales and ethanol blended fuel sales must be biobased petrol (ethanol). For example this means that if a petrol station sold 3 litres of E10 for every 7 litres of regular unleaded petrol then it would have met the mandate.

The amending Act also provides that the ethanol mandate will increase to 4% after 18 months (from 1 July 2018).

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Biobased diesel

The biobased diesel mandate requires 0.5% of all diesel fuel sold to be biobased diesel.

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Community and industry consultation

A wide-ranging consultation process was conducted to consider issues relating to a biofuels mandate. 

A discussion paper, Towards a clean energy economy: achieving a biofuel mandate for Queensland (PDF, 1.0MB) was released earlier in the year highlighting our vision for a biofuel mandate.

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31 March 2016

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