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Electricity prices

In Queensland, electricity prices are regulated by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA).

Electricity bills are based on a consumption charge (cents/kWh) for the amount of electricity used, plus a daily service fee of cents per day. These should be listed on your bill.

The type of contract you're on may also determine costs.

Tariff 11 is the most common tariff for residential customers but other options are available.

This guide explains electricity prices and the tariff structures, and how your bill is determined.

Regional electricity prices 2016–17

The QCA has released its final determination for regulated retail electricity prices for 2016–17. The regulated electricity prices set by the QCA will only apply in regional Queensland.

The Government is considering how competition in regional Queensland can be improved to allow customers in regional Queensland to reap the benefits that strong competition retailers can produce.

The final determination is available on the QCA website.

Deregulation of retail electricity in SEQ

Deregulation of retail electricity prices in South East Queensland (SEQ) will commence from 1 July 2016. This reform will stimulate retailers to set competitive prices and offer SEQ customers a greater range of products and services.

The decision to commence price deregulation in SEQ follows the release of recommendations in the draft report of the Queensland Productivity Commission's Electricity Pricing Inquiry. Customers in the deregulated market will continue to be supported by increased consumer protections under the National  Energy  Customer  Framework (NECF). You can also compare retail offers by using the Australian Energy Regulator's independent price comparator website, Energy Made Easy.

Inline with the Commission's recommendations, we are implementing a comprehensive education campaign to ensure customers in SEQ have the knowledge and understanding they need to properly engage with the deregulated market.In conjunction with other stakeholders, we will monitor the effects and trends  associated  with  price deregulation in SEQ on an ongoing basis, and in particular any impacts on vulnerable customers.

Last updated:
1 June 2016

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