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Transitional arrangements

Transitional periods apply under the Act to allow providers time to comply with relevant requirements.

Under these transitional arrangements, a recycled water provider must have an approved recycled water management plan (RWMP), a granted exemption or an exclusion decision for the supply of the water before the dates indicated below.

Schemes supplying recycled water to augment drinking water supplies, dual reticulation or irrigation of minimally processed food crops:

  • All schemes: before commencing supply of recycled water

Coal seam gas recycled water schemes:

  • New schemes commencing supply after 1 December 2010 must have either an approved RWMP or exclusion decision before supplying recycled water. If an exclusion decision is granted, the coal seam gas water is taken not to be recycled water for Chapter 3, other than section 199 and section 329J, of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008. 

All other recycled water schemes:

  • New schemes
    • Schemes commencing supply on or after 1 July 2008: one year after first beginning supply, or 1 July 2014 (whichever is the later)
  • Existing schemes
    • Schemes supplying recycled water prior to 1 July 2008: by 1 July 2014

We have the discretion to shorten any transitional arrangements if required (for example, to minimise public health risks or to ensure continuity of supply in a critical recycled water scheme).

Last updated
23 August 2013