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Reporting requirements

Once operating under an approved recycled water management plan (RWMP) or exemption, all recycled water providers are obliged to submit reports to the regulator. A granted exemption does not remove this obligation.

Reporting requirements vary depending on the type of scheme:

  • all schemes, including those with a granted exemption, must:
    • submit annual reports
    • report on noncompliance with water quality criteria
  • schemes with an approved RWMP must also submit internal and regular audit reports.

Annual reports and regular audit reports must be made available to the public for inspection during business hours.

Additional public reports must be prepared by providers that supply:

  • coal seam gas recycled water
  • other recycled water to augment a supply of drinking water
  • recycled water under a dual reticulation scheme.

See also the guidelines outlining reporting requirements.

Reporting noncompliance

Once an RWMP has been approved or an exemption granted, a recycled water provider, scheme manager or declared entity must immediately inform us of any noncompliance with the scheme’s water quality criteria.

After the initial notification, the entity responsible for taking any corrective action must submit the details using the Notice of Noncompliance form (PDF, 671.0KB).

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Last updated
23 August 2013