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Recycled water providers may apply for an exemption from having an approved recycled water management plan (RWMP). We will assess these on a case-by-case basis, depending on the potential for human exposure to the recycled water, and associated risks.

Some recycled water providers are not eligible to apply for an exemption. These include providers supplying to a dual reticulation scheme, and providers whose scheme is declared critical by the regulator.

How to apply

Providers must complete the Exemption Application form (PDF, 600.6KB). Enough supporting information must be included to enable a decision. Refer to the Recycled Water Management Plan Exemption Guideline (PDF, 726.9KB) for detailed application requirements.

When assessing the application, we may seek advice from an advisory council or other organisation and may request further information. The application will be considered withdrawn if a provider fails to comply with a request for further information.

Providers' obligations

The holder of a granted exemption still has obligations, including:

  • meeting minimum water quality criteria 
  • notifying us if there is a change in circumstances or an intention to permanently stop supply
  • meeting reporting requirements, including preparing annual reports and notifying us of noncompliance with a condition of the exemption
  • stopping supply if an entity is using the water for a purpose or in a way that the exemption does not provide for.

Duration of an exemption

We will decide and give notice of the exemption’s duration, which won’t exceed five years. This period can be altered if there are changes to the recycled water scheme or a condition of the exemption.

Before an exemption expires, a provider will need to apply for a new exemption. Providers should apply at least 60 business days before the current exemption expires.

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Last updated
23 August 2013