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Coal seam gas recycled water

Amendments to the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 in December 2010 established rigorous requirements for coal seam gas (CSG) water. These protect public health where CSG water may have an impact on a community’s drinking water supply source.

Recycled water providers producing and supplying (or only supplying) CSG water are required to have a recycled water management plan (RWMP) or an exclusion decision approved by us unless covered by transitional arrangements.

Application forms for exclusions, interim plans and RWMPs are available. For more information on CSG water contact the Queensland Water Supply Regulator on (07) 3247 4487.

RWMPs for CSG recycled water schemes

CSG recycled water schemes have additional requirements:

  • a demonstration on how risks associated with variations in source water quality will be managed
  • the pre-supply water quality data for the scheme.

Interim RWMPs

CSG recycled water schemes that indirectly augment an urban community’s drinking water supply may apply for approval of an interim RWMP. These have fewer components than a regular RWMP. Approval for an interim plan may provide the scheme with 12 months in which to obtain approval for a full RWMP.

Exclusion decision

CSG recycled water schemes may apply for an exclusion from the requirement to have a RWMP. We must be satisfied that the recycled water will not have a material impact on a community’s drinking water supply source, before making a decision.

Further information

The Coal Seam Gas Recycled Water Management Plan Guideline including Exclusion Decision Application Guideline (PDF, 751.3KB) and CSG Water Quality Requirements factsheet (PDF, 64.5KB) provide information to recycled water providers and scheme managers about preparing a CSG RWMP or an exclusion decision application.

Last updated
23 August 2013