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A recycled water provider may be required to amend its approved RWMP or exemption if:

  • the recycled water quality criteria relevant to the scheme changes
  • the scheme has not complied with a condition of its approved RWMP or granted exemption
  • the scheme uses new process technology
  • there are any other changes that will affect the approved RWMP or granted exemption.

Amending an RWMP

The provider must apply for approval of any proposed amendments to an RWMP.

We may also require an amendment to an approved RWMP to protect public health. In this case, we’ll provide a show cause notice about the required amendment.

Amending an exemption

An exemption holder must notify us immediately of any changes (PDF, 593.3KB). We will determine if the exemption needs to be amended or cancelled.

If we decide to amend a granted exemption to protect public health, we’ll provide an information notice for the decision.

Last updated
23 August 2013