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Recycled water

In the interest of public health, we regulate the production and supply of certain types of recycled water.

This includes recycled water from the following sources:

  • sewage or effluent from a service provider’s infrastructure 
  • wastewater from industrial, commercial or manufacturing activities, or animal husbandry activities, where it’s transferred to another unrelated entity
  • CSG water—whether treated, untreated or mixed with other water.

Recycled water providers are responsible for the overall management and quality of water they produce. In doing so, they must comply with the specific provisions of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008. As the Queensland Water Supply Regulator, we administer the relevant sections of this Act.

For schemes supplying coal seam gas (CSG) recycled water, a recycled water provider is an entity that owns infrastructure for the production and supply, or the supply only, of recycled water.

For other recycled water schemes, a recycled water provider is:

  • an entity that owns infrastructure for the production and supply of recycled water, or
  • another entity, if prescribed under a regulation, that owns infrastructure for the supply only of recycled water.

This guide outlines the obligations of recycled water providers.

Last updated
20 January 2014