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Discussion paper submissions received

Thank you to all who submitted feedback on the 30-year electricity strategy discussion paper. In total, 144 submissions were received and 1331 residential electricity customers completed the survey.

Your feedback is being considered collectively as we develop the final 30-year electricity strategy, due for release later this year.

Submissions made by organisations are available below, except where stakeholders have indicated they would like all or part of their submission to remain confidential.

Submissions made by individuals have not been published for privacy reasons. However, a summary of the issues raised by individuals is available below.

Submissions are only available in PDF format. If you have difficulty accessing the files please contact the 30-year electricity strategy team by email or telephone 13 43 87.


The information contained in the submissions is not government policy and does not represent the views of the Queensland Government or the Department of Energy and Water Supply.


Summary of individual submissions

A total of 81 submissions were received from individual residential customers. For privacy reasons, they have not been published online. However, if you made a submission and would like it published online, please contact the 30-year electricity strategy team by email

The key issues identified across submissions made by individual residential customers include (ordered in level of interest):

  • privatisation
  • support for solar PV and alternative generation technologies
  • rebates
  • price regulation
  • consumer engagement through education, ease of understanding and comparison
  • operation of the gas market.
Last updated
20 June 2014